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Taking that Leap...

My Very First Yard Sale!

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Buying the Food

Today was my very first yard sale. I really wasn't sure how things would work out, but I think everything ran pretty smoothly. We raised $150.00! It was actually a few dollars more but I'm too lazy to count all of the change right now. Anyways I must give thanks where thanks are due. Obvioulsy I have to thank God for providing such a beautiful day! It was one of the nicer days we've had as of late.

The following people also need to be mentioned:

Jenn and Amanda- Thank you for being two of my best volunteers. Also thank you for donating all of the stuff that you did. You guys rock :)!

Nancy and Dan- Thanks for helping me spread the word and for donating *so* much stuff. I was really impressed and thankful to have your help.

Kimi-Thank you for being so social and helping me sell stuff. I was really glad to see you getting involved. I love you!

Mike and other guy- who brought the bigger stuff (sorry I don't know your name, but you probably won't see this anyway :P) Thanks for your help.

Lisa- Thanks for the stickers and for being one of my biggest buyers.

To lil Germ and my sister- Thanks for coming:)

To everyone who bought/donated/prayed/helped out in any way shape or form



Above is Amanda trying to get the attention of passing cars!

More Yard Sale pictures can be found here...

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