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What started it in the first place...

One day after work I was feeling really down and upset because I was learning all of this new stuff and I felt stressed. So while I was sitting there I began to become more and more unhappy. Then it was like out of nowhere I came up with this idea and I wanted to tell the world. These thoughts just started popping into my head so I began this letter:

Hey All,
I have some really exciting news I want to share. I'm sure most of you already know about how I like to do Food Drives every so often. Well this year I've decided that I want to do something really big for Thanksgiving. So here's my plan...

Up at the food pantry they have a list of all of the families who will be receiving food. I thought it would be really neat to get *huge* baskets and fill them with a Thanksgiving feast. I'm not talking about your average canned goods; I'm talking about a seven course meal! lol I want appetizers and desserts and side dishes etc...

I want to decorate the baskets with neat flowers and little sayings and have the family's name written on it all pretty. I want to put papers in there with recipe ideas. I want to bake cookies, brownies, name it. Typically the food pantry only takes non perishable items, but I think they give out the Thanksgiving food the day before.

So this idea of mine is going to take more than the average food drive. So I've set a goal of making *at least* $1000! I'm still intending on doing a food drive (November 18th) but I want there to be those baskets, and then the normal food we would collect. I think $1000 would cover that!

I still need to talk to the guy over at the Episcopal church and okay this with him. I'm also up for any suggestions you guys have for fundraising. Claudia offered to help me with a bake sale and she suggested that I talk to the guy who owns G.U. (he'll be visiting in a couple weeks). She says he might donate a few Turkeys and he's probably going to be very willing to help me raise money considering the money I make will be spent buying food there. I figure it's a win win situation for everyone.

I need lots of help though! As usual I'm going to need some Volunteers, but this time there's a ton of things that can be done. From making the pretty little name tags to coming up with ways to fundraise to helping out with the baking (just to name a few).

I know this is about Two months away, but that's a lot of money to raise, so I'm trying to plan in advance.

I feel really good about this though and I'm going to try my very best. Please pray that I can keep this excitement and reach my goal of $1000! If you know of anyone that might have any ideas, please send this to them. I figure if I start raising money now, it won't be too hard to reach my goal. Thanks in advance.


"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone"